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I had a completion thyroidectomy July 9th and about 1.5-2 weeks later I was so swollen and bloated you couldn't even tell I had ankles. my ankles were as big as my calf. My entire body was extremely swollen, I even had swelling in my throat and tongue. I ended up having to take the maximum dosage of advil everyday just to keep my throat from swelling shut and I only have one kidney and am not supposed to take advil. I should have gone to the ER but was stubborn and didn't because I was supposed to be a camp counselor and didn't want to be admitted to the hosp. It was a stupid decision but luckily I survived it. At the time I was on 100mcg of levothyroxine (synthroid). I was having severe hypo thyroid symptoms but my TSH was 0.78 so doc wouldn't adjust the dose. I was also extremely pale. Two weeks later I had my post op appt. and my TSH was 10 so they have finally increased my dosage to 125and the swelling is definately better. I've still gained a ton of weight and it doesn't matter what I do I just keep gaining but I just started the new dose a few days ago so I'm really hoping it will help. Since I started having the thyroid problems again in March I have gained almost 40 pounds. I'm only 25 years old and supposed to be in my best friends wedding in a couple months and there is no way I'm going to fit into the dress that I bought.

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