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What's your opinion of certain age gaps in relationships?

I'll make this long story as short as possible...

Been friends with this girl for about a year, she's a close friend, I know her family, everybody gets along great. Lately we've been hanging out a lot more and tonight I brought up the "what-if" topic about the future. We both agreed that we both can see something more happening than just being friends, but that we'd be happy with being friends too. Due to how she seemed after the conversation (the breath of relief, it seemed) I'd estimate that our chances of something more happening are a bit higher.

Then, she brought up an interesting question, about the age gap between us. She is 18, I am 22. To me, any time I question our differences in stages in our life, whenever we hang out afterwards they just instantly get wiped. She's so much fun to hang around with that once I see her and we're crackin jokes and having fun, it just cuts down any "questionable" areas that I previously had.

It's just an interesting situation, because she'll be a senior in HS, whereas I just got done with college. Yet, that's fine with me. And at the same token, like I said above, we have so much fun that things like that just don't seem to matter to me.

But, even still, I want to have some opinions of posters here. What do you think? Any parents of an 18 year old daughter here that could chime in?


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