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My Ridiculous 6 Year Health Problem: So The Jaw Is Responsible?

Since approximately april of 2002 I've had the same constant symptoms where the left side of my head/forehead and neck, as well as along the left side of my back to an extent, has felt constantly tight which has affected both my perception (because of the tightness around the left side of the head) and also my concentration.

So, since 2002 I've tried hayfever medication, accupuncture, nasal and brain mri scans, spine ct scans, chiropracter, physio, muscle relaxants, eye ear and nose specialists, a neurologist as well as an ultra sound of my neck and of the carotid artery and nothing has been able to determine what the cause of my very frustrating health problem is.

Recently I had a stress echo cardiogram, which showed the heart was fine, but the doctor there thought my jaw could potentially be responsible for my symptoms so my G.P. prescribed diazepam to take for a week (if it was a case of bruxism caused by stress) yet aside from making me sleepy the diazepam didn't do anything to relieve the symptoms.

After that, my G.P. suggested I see my dentist so they could tell me whether the structure of my jaw was responsible for my symptoms and I did that, and the dentist agreed there could be something to this theory and has referred me on to see a proper 'jaw specialist' for the 27th of August (which will be bloody expensive).

Since the dental appointment I have become more conscious of the fact that my teeth/jaw feels misalligned in that when I shut my jaw I feel that there is a certain amount of pressure upon the left side of the jaw caused by the way the teeth close together. and when I stretch open my mouth my G.P. said my jaw did not seem to be normally composed on the left side.

So, could I possibly, after six years of frustrating schlepping, be upon the precipice of finally resolving my health problem? Will this require some sort of surgery to correct to resolve my symptoms?

I feel cautiously optimistic but don't want to get my hopes up too much because over the last six years I've gotten my hopes up countless times only to be expertly quashed when something didn't work (ie: such as when I spent seven months at a chiropracter where I just ended up wasting more than $1000!).

Thank you.

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