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Originally Posted by tuscansam6 View Post
Hello all, Well, today was the day for my FNA. The procedure went well...better than I had anticipated. I must admit that I was nervous this morning, but I kept telling myself that it would all be over soon.
I was given some local numbing shot, and the doctor took 6 samples and was ready to go!
The test results were "inconclusive" so we talked about removal of the thyroid at a future time...~sigh~ I will go back in within a week for a consult....wish me well. Thanks everybody.

p.s. and my best to all of you are are going thru this thyroid thing.
Hi Tuscansam6, I am glad your biopsy is over and was not so bad. I am sorry the results are inconclusive. I am having one done in two weeks. I am very nervous also. They told me to be thinking about surgery or RAI and I am not sure which way to go. Are you hyperthyroid? I wish you the very best! Let us hear from you.