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Re: help, brother soon to have both kidneys removed

i too think its kind of an odd thing for an actual neph to want to do without having any live donors lined up to simply give him at least one good kidney. is there ANY function at all left between the both kidneys or is everything kind of gone at this point? even "
some' function is better than none when you look at his particular situation ya know? given just his age,i would think his doc would at least want to have a donor lined up before he went ahead with such a radical surgery. his overall condition could possibly worsen if there was still some actual function there just a bit less or alot less than the norm ya know? some parts of the kidneys 'could' possibly still be doing at least "some' of their jobs in there. like i said,some is better than none at all.

just exactly what IS actually bleeding right now(and how severely) that his doc is wanting to actually remove both kidneys,the kidneys themselves,or hemmohragic cysts? by the way,i also have PKD with liver involvement as well so i do know what this disease can do to your kidneys. still waiting for my renal failure to hit here eventually too.

at the very least i do think obtaining a second opinion from another neph who is in no way related to the other neph as in the very same practice or group would be a really good idea right now. this just IS a pretty big deal ya know? just see what another neph thinks about his situation. another neph may have a completley different view or some better ideas than removing both kidneys. its always worth it to at least obtain another opinion when it comes to having any surgery that just seems a bit more unusual than the norm or just pretty radical,you know what i mean? if there was an actual donor who was going to donate a kidney to him when this was performed,now that would be a bit different. but i personally would obtain that second opinion if this was my stage. there are possibilitys of changing his blood thinner dosages too,has that been tried with any success?

a very good place to try and seek out that second opinion would be a good university type teaching hospital that may be within a driving distance from where he lives? these types of hospitals are just a bit above the rest with much more experience in dealing with the worst of the worst types of cases in just about any medical nightmare scenerio,ya know? both my son and i have had to seek out this very type of help from the U of MN here in Mn for our insane medical issues. the docs you see for certain conditions just simply do not all have that very same level of experience within their given specialty or that same level of knowledge of treatments/procedures either. its just a good suggestion for him considering what this other neph is actually considering.

i do hope you can find a good neph to just have your brothers overall condition evaluated and any possible other options discussed before consenting to this particular type of surgery. good luck and please keep me posted. marcia