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Dad's new oddities...

Hi all! It's been a while since I have posted. Seems time flies here on Planet Alzheimers, and sometimes, I can't find the living room, let alone the computer!

Today, I was on the phone with my son (he had a car accident - no one hurt - but he needed advice), and while I was concentrating on the phone call, I noticed dad's little dog in my back yard, just laying by the trampoline. I finished my call, and went to see what she was up to.

And there was dad, fully 100% UNDER the trampoline, on hands and knees, picking up small stones! I asked him to come out, and he blew me off, so I went in to go to the ladies' room, and when I came out, he was gone. *whew*, thinks I, he had gone back into the house. So I walked over to his backdoor, and went in - no dad. I searched every room. No dad. So, back outside I went, calling his name. No reply.

So I went back to the trampoline. And there he was, IN THE FREAKING BUSHES, on hands and knees (and remember - this guy can hardly walk), digging out more little rocks from the soil. He was totally hidden in the bushes.

I got him out of the brush, convinced him to let me help him up and take him indoors. I got him in, gave him a big glass of juice, cleaned him up and changed his clothes, and saw that he had about 5 piles of rocks stacked on top of his trash cans. Just regular old rocks.

I took his BP, and of course, it was high (150/105 - his usual is 110/60), his pulse was high (105!), and he was red faced and worn out. Clearly, I cannot leave him during his nap time now. We are at full time care -without breaks, I fear.

He must have had some kind of thought that he needed to collect some rocks.

Y'all got any experience with this kind of (manic?) odd behavior? He can't tell me what he was thinking - he can't string together the words. I don't think he even remembers it.

And it's so nice to be back. I will look forward to hearing from every one of you! I've missed you...


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