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Re: Dad's new oddities...

Oh Deb I'm so sorry, I bet that really scared you! I remember when my DH told me he "took a walk today" just around the neighborhood. I freaked out a bit but that was before I had daily caregivers in our home. It was then I decided he needed someone there while I worked and then he took a fall and hurt the hand he landed on, (bruised and really swollen) and I started looking for help. He also kept silver dollars in his pocket which he carried and stacked daily and he "collected" sticks outside in our yard when we would be out there. I think the manic behavior is part of this crazy illness and most patients have something they do. I agree that it might be time to look for a facility so that you can get your life back. Possibly an adult day care so you can have a break or a full time place that can keep him busy and monitor his blood pressure etc.

Good luck, God bless and my prayers are coming your way!
Love Janie