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Re: Dad's new oddities...

Ahhhhhh. I see. It probably is just part of the disease, then, no?

Full time care. Yes. I see the need for it. I see the time is here. And the reason I can't go "facility" yet is that he honestly gets a lot of pleasure (at least I THINK he does) from being in his own home, being with his stuff, seeing his little dog and having a modicum of independence. BUT. This episode was so "out there" that it does indeed worry me.

I am going to start the whole ball a'rollin with a visit to the doctor. I am making an appt today for him, and we will git 'r done.

And it's nice to be back, y'all. I have missed you all a bunch. This really is a lifeline, and every one of you are life jackets. Complete with towels!