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Help! I need your guys advice ASAP! (Neck herniation) (m)..

Well, here again, I woke up this AM with my neck in severe pain. My back of neck is swollen a bit (again) and my left upper back and arm hurts all the way down to my fingers (back side of arm) and I should not be driving although I had to drive to work cause my ROM is horrible. Last time this happaned in march. I could not get out of bed without help from my husband and I cried I wasi n so much pain there and at chrio's office. I went to my chiro and after about 3-4 weeks he fixed me up but never ordered an MRI to see what had happened. NOW, it's not an amergency, so I don't feel like I should go to ER - should i go to my family physician or go to urgent care? Or should I do nothing? If you look at my past posts, youc an see my history - SIGNIFICANT for neck problems - herniations/bulges throughout C3-C6. Last MRI was in October of I think 2007. What should I do? It hurts to sit here at mydesk.

Ugggh, I don't even know what I did. I'm 38 years old. THanks.

Here's my MRI from 10/07.

Here's October 2007 MRI: - MRI Cervical Spine without Contrast.
The vertebrae are normally aligned. Stature of the vertebral bodies is maintained. Spinal cord is of normal morphology with exception of ventral impression on the cord in the left paramedian location at C6-7 secondary to moderate protrusion of the nucleus pulposus.

There is mild/moderate broad-based bulging in the disk/endplate complex at C5-6, but this finding does not cause impression on the spinal cord, there is no spinal or foraminal stenosis at this level.

Impression: Significant protrusion of the nucleus pulposus at C6-7, finding is positioned in the left paramedian location and causes mild ventral impression on the spinal cord. It is also possible that this finding may impinge the traversing left C8 root. Otherwise unremarkable MRI of the cervical spine.
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