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Re: Help! I need your guys advice ASAP! (Neck herniation) (m)..

Hello. Sorry to hear you are in pain. I can share my experience with neck and arm pain. I woke up on Sept 11, 2003 in severe pain in the arm and upper back. I went to work and stuck it out for a couple hours, but I had to leave. Called the Dr and got an X-ray scheduled for the next day. I sat down and slightly bent over to turn the computer on, and I felt a numb sensation in my legs. I thought nothing of it and carried on throughout the day.

The next day I went to the Dr. I barely made it into his office. My wife had to help me stagger into his office, and I almost fainted because I was so physically spent. Had the X-ray and the Dr also scheduled the MRI for that day. The MRI was to take place at 3 and the results to be read afterwards, but my appt got moved back to 6. I called the ortho that was going to read my MRI and told them about the change, and they said they would not read the results until Monday (it was a Friday afternoon).

I get to the MRI place and I can barely walk, but my pain is completely gone! I had the 2 MRI's and they gave me the films. I went home, got upstairs and laid down. The next day, I just plain could not walk anymore. Since I was in no pain, I thought it was not a major thing. I ate breakfast and lunch normally, but when I felt a need to urinate, I couldn't do it. I struggled, with my mother's help, to get to the bathroom, but I fell onto the floor and could not get up. At the time, I was 325 lbs and my mom was recovering from a knee replacement. My wife got home from work and urged me to call an ambulance. I begrudgingly did, and it saved my way of life.

I brought the MRI's to the ER with me, so the hospital called the neurosurgeon to read the results. He was shocked to see that my C7-T1 disc had completely ruptured and the cartillage had dislodged from the vertebrae, completely crushing my spinal cord. I was sent to a spinal institute in Rochester, NY for a fusion surgery. Thankfully, now I have all my motion back.

My point is, please go to the ER and have your neck checked out. I could have avoided a lot of the situation if I wasn't so hard headed just by going to the ER. It sounds like your C8 nerve is at least pinched by a bulging disc. When it says the nucleus pulpous is involved, it is a significant problem. If your disc annulus cracks, it will release that nucleus pulpous and you can suffer a total rupture like I did. Please go to the ER asap. I wish you well, and hope things turn out for the best.......