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Dear ladies, I need a sympathetic ear.......

Hi Ladies,
Well, here I am again, I always come here when things are going rough....not that they arent every day, but you know what I mean.
Things in my family are really bad right some of you know my uncle looks after my grandmother 24/7 and my mom flies back and forth every couple of months to help, not to mention phones two or three times a day. Well this weekend, I guess they are both so exhausted, that now my uncle and mom have gotten in a huge argument, and now they arent speaking. My mom was supposed to go there again next month and now wont book tickets. I tried to talk to my uncle yesterday, he is convinced my mom doesnt want to deal with this anymore. My mom is convinced that she cant have a bad day without him accusing her of that. She has so many issues of her own and tries so hard to help him because she knows what he's going through in looking after my grandmother. The thing is now that my mom will have no link or way of knowing how my grandmother is and it's already making her crazy. She's very tense, I'm afraid to even talk to her.
Grandma is getting worse, has constant diarrhea and hallucinations. I just dont know where this will much longer can this go on? I know in my heart that it would be better if she was "placed" somewhere, but we've been down that road and it's not going to happen. My uncle is the only family member we have left from all this, the rest we dont speak to anymore. This illness has just destroyed my family.....and now it's working its way here to our "immediate" family. The saddest part is that I have just found out I am pregnant with my second child, and although I am so very happy about it, again this illness overshadows every thing, any little joy I have.
God forgive me for saying this, but I just want it to be over......
Thanks for listening....
Caroline xo

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