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Re: Dear ladies, I need a sympathetic ear.......

Do you know what all you ladies are here? You are all the ones in your families who have the biggest hearts, the kindest souls.....the ones who truly love their families, and are there through thick and thin. In other words you are all the "cream of the crop".
I am so blessed to receive all your encouragement today, you have no idea what it means to me.....thank you so much, I just want to adopt each and every one of you!!!

Skimps - Deb, thanks for your thoughts on the guilty feelings.....for understanding and explaining to me that it's okay and pretty much "normal" to want things to be over. I will try Deb, to put this in Gods hands and hope and pray he will end things peacefully.....

Deb......what exactly is a "jesus meeting"? This sounds really interesting. I wish Deb my mom would see my help in the same way as you see your daughters. God knows I try. And I also love my grandmother, but I do love my mom more...and I want her to be around to see my children grow up.
In the spirit of your advice, I've taken Friday off, so has my husband, and I've convinced her that we are all going to Niagara Falls for the have a change of scenery and some nice, bustling, touristy, (is that a word?)...atmosphere........I really hope it can give us some peace for a day, and hopefully we can go from there.

I truly hope that my uncle and mom can get past matter what, I am a bit angry at my uncle for some things he said to my mom, but I know he is so fatigued....and I dont want him to feel alone. As much as he needs help, I think Martha is right, and my mom really cant manage this trip this time.......I will continue to pray for all of them.

Ladies, I am going to try and keep this in perspective and remember the new little life I'm bringing in to the world. But I fear I may stray to my old ways......of worrying...I hope you'll all be there to bring me back, and lend me some towels......all my surrogate grandmas.....

Love you all,
Caroline xo

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