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Re: Thyroid Fna

Hi Tami, Thanks and try not to worry so much, it will be over before you know it. I think the mystery of it, is what makes it so horrible to look forward to. I had mine done in a hospital and the pathologist was right there, so I guess that's why I got the results faster. I was referred to this doctor, he's not an Endo, but a surgeon.....because of the size of the mass in my thyroid [2cm] I actually don't have an Endo, just a General Practioner who I'm getting ready to dismiss. I told him for more than 2 yrs that something was not right with my throat....swallowing pills and some meats seemed to stick in my throat....he shrugged it off as menopause...uggh...some male doctors are really "a-holes"
Also, I don't know if I'm hypo or hyper, as I haven't been diagnosed. Isn't that a mess!?