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Lumbar Fusion--the bladder problem/question...What meds and why happening

I have yet to be told that I have Arach; but it is suspected. It would sure explain much of my symptoms and suffering.

Soon after double fusion lumbar surgery, began to have bladder/bowel issues.

Years and years of suffering with the sudden urge to pee, but pushing hard to pee. Up to 36x in 24 hour period presently.

I've been to Urologist, but he gave me sample meds to stop peeing during the night. What I need is meds or something that makes me empty my bladder so I don't have to pee all the time. It's nightmare. Pulling over to the side of the a freeway to pee in the bushes many times over is....

Anyway, I'm told that lumbar fusion wouldn't cause this problem. Neither would neck fusion. I don't get it.

So what meds are you prescribed to make you pee?

And what have you been told is the cause of your bladder problem?

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