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Re: Candida and Supplements--opinions appreciated


I have been involved with candida/yeast overgrowth problems for many years -- Since I began having diverticulitis -- 40 years ago. This was prior to having any doctor's advice or treatment or even 1 that believed there was such problems that existed.

I have read many books about yeast and candida infections-- like -- "The Yeast Connection" 1984 by William Crook.MD (my sister's peditrician for her children in Jackson,TN until he passed), "The Yeast Syndrome", and "Back to Health" - A Comprehensive Medical and Yeast Control program by Dennis W. Remminton,MD. and others--
years before the inter net. Window 94 was developed.

I have seen some Holistic Doctor's but I like the type care provided by Alternative Care Doctors that are MDs. Even the Homeopathy doctors I have seen are MDs. I have not been treated by a Chinese Doctor... for anything.

Everytime I take an antibiotic for some bacterial infection -- I usually end up with 2 things-- 1-- yeast overgrowth and2 gastritis. And, I have been at it so long I now treat myself-- For Yeast-- my tongue turns white and interfears with my digestion.

This is what I do!!
My Alternative Care MD provides the powered Nystatin(a presciption drug) that I use as a gargle with water(3X daily 1/4 teaspoon) and I use probiotic supplements. The ones that work best for me are Culturelle(2X daily), Pearls, Primal Defense(2X daily), Bifidus by Nature's Way and 2 PB-8 with breakfast. I also like and take L Reuteri in the evening-- i use it particularly if I have eaten something bad but not normal daily. I also drink alot of water 8 to 10 glasses daily -- stream distilled.

When my tongue gets nice and pink -- I go back to a regular diet but it is not very different from what I normally eat.

I also eat StonyField Farm plain yogurt 3X daily and drink Kefir about 3oz twice daily.
I don't eat the strictly anti candida diet but I do cut out mostly sugary foods and the sugary fruits. And with every meal I use a digestive enzyme-- I like Omega Zyme and several others.
I usually eat several fruits -- mostly berries like blue berries and strawberries daily. I don't eat cantalope because of mold content or other melons. I eat rice or a brown rice cake daily and usually a green/veggie toss salad for lunch along with a regular meal of protein(fish, chicken or turkey -- rearly pork or beef) and steamed veggies. Not much carbs-- no cereals. Snack on all nut except peanuts.

I have used most OTC anti candida /yeast remedies on the market as well as anti fungal drugs over the years except the paramune that you use -- that I never heard of except 1 manufacturer until you posted about it.

What State do you live in that has the type Doctor that you see?


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