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Re: Candida and Supplements--opinions appreciated

Excellent post Harry...a lot of wonderful information! I do not have a regular md at this time. I know it sounds outrageous to go to a dr. of traditional chinese medicine but it has been a phenomenal experience...I have many friends that go to the same practitioner and have healed from many illnesses whereas with western dr.'s they were always sick and treated with western medicine. He is not only a tcm practitioner but accupunturist, chiropractor, and clinical nutritionist. He has a great understanding of how the entire body works. It actually takes months to get an appt. with him...he's that good. He's not from China either...he's an American with an interest in alternative medicine. I've learned more from him about my body than any western dr. I've come into contact with. I trust him with the paramunes...he's extremely intelligent and has done a lot of research on candida. Again my opinion but I think many Americans are harsh or not open to alternative treatments and they're missing a big piece of the healing puzzle.

I don't think a lot of western dr.'s understand how food/nutrition really affects the body....most of them like to prescribe a drug for everything vs. getting to the core issue....again just my view. You seem to have found a great MD that understands candida..and that's amazing your connection to Crook. His book is very helpful...I have/read it as well.

When does your candida flare up and how often? And from that point how long does it take you to get rid of it? I've felt like I've made some good headway...but it's been about a seven weeks I've been on the diet and taking anti-fungals. One more question---what kind of improvement have you seen when you rid yourself of most of the candida.

We've also been working on balancing my ph level as well and I do take a probiotic. I drink kefir everyday too...and I have plain stoneyfield farm yogurt.

Thanks again for your have a lot of experience with this.