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Re: Dealing with work while depressed.

I can also relate to how you are feeling gostros. I was ready to quit my job w/o having a new job and a friend advised me to look into a leave before doing anything drastic. Does you job offer any sort of leave? If they are big enough, they have to offer you at least 12 weeks off without pay (FMLA) if you have a doctor's recommendation. I went to my GP who wrote up a note saying I needed at least 2 weeks out of work and then he sent me to a therapist and pdoc who worked with my company's short term disability department. All in all I was off work (Paid) for 9 weeks and then back 75% for the rest of the year. This was January 2007, you can search for my posts back in that timeframe. btw, I still see the therapist every 3 or 4 weeks and the pdoc every 3 months.

Good luck, just don't do anything drastic, you can work through it all even though it's not the easiest thing in the world to come back from. Let us know how you are doing.