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Re: no such thing as lymes disease in michigan

Dear cathy1,

one of the reasons doctors don't just test for Lyme disease all of the time is because a minority of patients have the classic presentation you did with the bull's eye rash (i.e. erythema migrans). I see that one doctor did miss it, and that sucks, but in areas where Lyme disease is endemic, you can see that presentation from a mile away and diagnose/treat it.

The problem is people who have untreated Lyme disease who go in to the secondary and tertiary stages. Their symptoms are VERY non-specific, and what I mean by that is that you can have arthritis, fatigue, etc. etc. etc.....all things which can be present in people who do NOT have Lyme. The importance of that is, you can't send off Lyme blood tests in everyone who has chronic fatigue and joint pain because, well... it's an expensive test, and you'd bankrupt the system (though I guess the system in the States is a little different than ours in Canada).

It's easy to diagnose someone coming in with a tick bite, erythema migrans, achy joints and a fever, but that rarely is the presentation and that is why it is not easy being a physician.