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Re: Needing level 3 cervical disc fusion need advice!

Hello Queenie22.. I am 54 years old, and Aug 07 I had a 4 level ACDF and a Corpectomy. This is where they remove a whole vertebra and replace it with a cage and more hardware. My neck too was very, very bad. I had this done in Augusta , Ga. My doctors were wonderful. When I woke up, the only pain I was having came from my shoulders. I found out this was because they tapped my shoulders down. This of course went away fast with the meds, and the next day I was not in any pain. I wore what they call an Aspen hard collar, and I adjusted very well. I did EVERYTHING I was told to do, and not to do. I spent 2 and half months in that thing, but it was worth it. After 11 months, my throat was finally back to normal. Not to scare you, but my throat just felt like it was slightly swollen, and I noticed that I had to take very small bites of food so I could get them down. In time this will go away. My neck problems were not effecting my arms or upper body, mine were causing me not to walk right... In about 10% of the neck cases, this can cause problems to your lower body, like the legs. I had to get something done, or I could have been in a wheelchair in the future.
You just have to put your mind in the mindset that you will do great, and each day you will get better. I kept a journal of my days, and when I go back and read them , I see how each day I was getting better... Its a long journey, and a very serious operation. But in time you will feel much better. Is your neck problems causing you problems with your arms, hands upper body? Well, if you need anymore info that I can help you with, feel free to ask. Good luck. You'll make it. PS: the doctors used my own bone to fuse me back together! Janatee