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Unhappy just don't know what to do

I took Clonazepam for rls for about 5 years.It used to work beautifully but after a while it became ineffective and I found I was having to take larger and larger doses for it to work. When I got up to 2mg a night I found it knocked me right out.Since then I have tried Imipramine(don't know why the doctor prescribed that, it was worse than useless but when they suggest something you have to try it before you can tell them it doesn't work) Now I'm on Adartrel (aka Requip) 1mg per day at night and that isn't working either. Two nights ago I felt like screaming. I felt like ants were crawling inside me. Actually it didn't feel like that but it's the nearest I can get to describing it. I'm now going through all my drawers and bags to find old clonazepam and taking those. The Relief is great but I still have to take a lot. I'm going back to the doctors after the holiday but what can I ask for?? I have got to have something that works or I feel like I'll go crazy.

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