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Re: I knew it was too good to be true.......

hey there, what a reponse here and very greatful for that! Okay first and foremost, they decreased my meds down to the 100mcg like the week before i got my labs back and thats when they said they were fine, and then rececheck again in three months. I cannot wait three months for this change lol. I have always taken my meds in the am from the get so i never forget because i have kids to get to school then and the sweating i'm having is mid morning and almost all day ,insomina at nightime, like i haven't went to sleep the last few days till almost morning. What i don't get is i have been on this dose for at least two months, why now? I always forget with so much going on that i didn't get my lab sheet again ugh. I am so tired throughout the day that i don't even have the stenghth to make my kids do thier chores and do tham most myself to save the peace! So should i take this to the dr.?
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