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Re: Does anyone have "atypical" angina?

Originally Posted by CircusSquirrel View Post
I am a 33 yr old female, first to admit I am anxious (it is well-treated), but I have an unrelated tachycardia and for the past several years I have had a seemingly unrelated discomfort/squeezing in my left neck/arm area. I have had EKGs during these episodes, gone to the ER for the full workup (at the urging of my doc) and everything is ok.
Tomorrow I go to the cardio for my skippy heartbeats/tachycardia workup I have every year or two and my primary told me to bring up the left sided discomfort to him again. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which surprised me because I just thought I was sore and I don't give the whole thing much thought, but the primary said there are rare types of angina that usually occur in women that aren't as indicative of heart disease (at least severe heart disease) but they can be spasms or they can be microvascular disease. These arm/jaw discomfort/tightness episodes generally last anywhere from half an hour to hours on end, which is definitely NOT typical of "regular" angina, and I am not a very high risk cardiac patient as I have good cholesterol, HDL 55, can't remember the other latest cholesterol numbers, triglycerides of about 50, good blood sugar, non-smoker, no drugs, very little alcohol, and of course, the fact that I'm a 33 yr old female.
Just wanted to see if anyone here had any of these "atypical" anginas. My doc said the cardio he refers to in our town (we live in a mid-size military town) only sees about 2 or 3 of those types of anginas every few years or so, so I guess docs aren't real well-versed in detecting them since they don't see them, or maybe they ignore it?

can you describe your pain, and where it is located?