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NO IDEA what to do

My 54 yr old husband seems ok, and then on Sunday he fixed the oatmeal like he usually does and told me, "The tuna fish is ready." Recently he
asked me where a huge check from his work went to, after I had asked him a few days earlier what was taking his employer so long to reimburse us for our
moving expenses. (We just moved in June) When he asked the employer about it, they said that the check had been issued 2 weeks ago. He said not a word about losing it. Luckily they will reissue a new one, but this is making me nervous. He is not the type of guy that I can suggest a dr visit, and I don't want to start something that will get him upset & stop talking to me. I don't feel that I can share with anyone in the family, because what if there is nothing seriously wrong???
I admit to being a life long worry-wort. But this is really starting to make my stomach churn.
Reading some of your posts helps me, but if anyone has some insight, it would sure be appreciated.

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