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I have a fear of leaving my home. I don't like being around others. Is that what agoraphobia is or is it more generalized anxiety disorder? I slightly hyperventilate all day at work. Whenever the phone rings, I get a pain in my chest (by the way-I am the office's receptionist) and whenever we have clients in the office, I feel like I can't wait for them to leave. When I am driving in my car-I feel anger towards any car that comes near my lane of traffic. I had a couple of traumatic things happen to me, and know where this comes from. I have sought treatment, and am doing better as I no longer have full blown panic attacks. (I used to have them so bad, that I would have to call the paramedics because I was passing out.) How am I supposed to function like this? I am hoping someone else can help shed some light.

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