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Re: Does anyone have "atypical" angina?

Hi Bill and Everyone,

Yeah, it could still be a variant angina, though the cardio said it didn't quite fit Prinzmetal's (believe it or not, there are other, rarer types of "atypical" angina).
Due to all my symptoms, my new cardio (who fortunately knows my husband and is just an all around good guy) really thinks that the talk of dysautonomia that docs have floated around about me for about a decade is probably true. My holter results, while normal in the sense that there were no "dangerous" rhythms on there, were unusual because my heart responds VERY strongly to my nervous system. My heart will be at 100, then dip to 50, and just generally go all over the place, causing me symptoms, which MAY include the left sided stuff (or may not). Our plan for the next month is no more beta blockers, keep my heart rate down by not exercising strenuously, stay very hydrated, get the blood moving out of my legs by wearing compression stockings and doing isometric leg exercises and drinking a bit more caffeine because I have been bradycardic lately even without meds. We'll see what that does, then my cardio may try a couple of meds OR he may have me get one of those implantable loop heart monitors to "lay to rest the issue of ANY bad arrhythmia once and for all". He said if we could really put the arrhythmia issue to bed, we could probably concentrate on what is causing my heart to behave this way, which is an overactive nervous system that isn't caused by anxiety, but by a dysautonomia. Soooo. . .that's where I am now. I am not looking for miracles, I just want to balance my life and lifestyle with awful symptoms, and I want docs to stop writing everything off as anxiety. This cardio said "anxiety does NOT cause the changes I see in your holter monitor" I said "hey, thanks for saying that. I'm pretty much only anxious because noone has ever figured out what the heck was wrong with me, otherwise I would be just a run of the mill, slightly neurotic person LOL!"