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Polyp on Cervix

Should I worry about a polyp on my cervix? It has been there for about a yr. now. My dr. seems to think it is no problem and that it will "resolve itself" but I think it shouldn't have been there that long if that were the case. In addition, as a teen I was exposed to the HPV virus the one that has been known to cause cervical cancer. My sister has also had precancerous cells removed from her cervix. I am 37.
I am at a cross roads and am unsure as to what direction to go. I am having SEVERE pms/pmdd symptoms and heavy bleeding and moderate/severe anemia. I need to decide which route to take to stop my periods. (I already have my tubes "tied" and don't want more kids.)

My options: going back on the pill/no surgery;
ablation while adding hormones;
NEITHER do anything to lessen my worry about cancer as I have a family history of it. (My mom had a full hysterectomy at my age due to similar issues.)
Or have a partial/full hysterectomy and add hormones.

My doctors are women and tend to want to take the conservative route-meaning they want me to have a mirena iud and do no surgery. I have an appointment next week and will be deciding which route to take. Anyone????

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