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Does this seem like costochondritis

Sunday night at 2:30 am I woke up with what I thought was horrible gas trapped in my upper GI (I had eaten a huge tub of movie popcorn on Saturday afternoon which made me sick - and I made myself throw up (tried 7 times in one sitting because I was hoping to get that rich stuff off my stomach because I felt yucky) So I thought that this discomfort below my breast line was trapped gas. I had three Phazyme pills and two rolaids. Got to sleep but then woke up at 4 with it back again. It was painful and a gnawing pressure/moderate discomfort.

Of course, I became alarmed when it didn't change - constant. Woke my husband up and we were both concerned but thought it was just bad gas. I went to my chiropractor at 10 that morning and she did my regular adjustment but also used her clicker along the sternum/ribcage. This made it worse but that area was tender to begin with and she said it sounded like I caused trauma with the throwing up - made sense. The whole time in the car for the hour drive I was in pain...couldn't get comfortable. Any pressure on my back from sitting or laying down hurt more. By 1 p.m. I had to go see the local doc to get a pain pill. I described it and she said it was costochondritis. Now, my blood pressure was 150/90 which is high and my pulse was 123- I have big time white coat syndrome. I had been in pain for almost 12 hours, how could I not be stressed? She gave me Celebrex and Tramadol (which hardly helped at all). The Tramadol seemed to take an hour to kick in and gave a small amount of relief for an hour or less. I also took a muscle relaxer which helped some. At no time yesterday did I get 100% pain free.

Went to bed at 10 and slept for 12 hours thanks to the muscle relaxer. Woke up this a.m. with no pain at all. Is this typical that costochondritis can sometimes last a day (in my case 18 hours?). Doc assured me it was not a heart attack - I did not sweat, run temperature, want to throw up or feel the pain move. It was constant gnawing hurt for 18 hours.

It was the worst feeling I've ever had. Is that costochondritis? Came and went in less than a day?>

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