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Decyphering Ultrasound report

I picked up the lab result of my thyroid ultrasound today and am hoping someone out there can tell me what it actually means. My doc didn't explain what the ultrasound showed. He just said it meant I had Hashimotos.

It reads:

The right thyroid gland measures 4.73cm sagittal and 2.14 x 2.35 cm in cross-section. The left thyroid gland measures 5.10 cm sagittal and 2.01 x 1.67 cm in cross section. The thyroid isthmus is 0.51 cm. The gland shows diffusely mild increased flow but there is no discrete nodule. The pattern would be consistent with either Hashimoto's thyroiditis or diffuse Grave's disease.

Conclusion: No discrete thyroid Nodule. Diffusely mildly increased flow and mild prominent glands.

So... does this basically mean I have a mildly inflamed and/or enlarged thyroid? Or something else? And what does the 'diffusely mild increase flow' mean?


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