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Re: Does this seem like costochondritis

I guess I was worried that it was really a heart attack or heart related but the doctor didn't catch it. You hear about thing kind of thing happening to women. I had no other symptoms and I have read that women don't have the typical ones that men have, some have no chest pain at all but are having a heart attack etc. I was just shocked at the sudden discomfort and soreness. The fact that it was totally constant for 18 hours! Not intermittant. I guess if it was a heart attack, the pain would not have lasted for 18 hours???? I can't find anything on google about the length of time of a heart attack or if costochondritis can go away in a day - most say that it can lasts for days, weeks or months. Nothing about 18-24 hours only. This is why I am still worried. However, it has not returned, so that is good. Doc also put me on 12 days of prednisone but I am diabetic and it's made my BS soar and heart rate stay around the 110 range. I think I'll take it for 5 days only because I'm worried about being on it for 12. Last time I was given prednisone, they said 5 days was all I should take a steriod since I'm diabetic.

So, my last question is if it was a heart thing, would it have lasted 18 hours at a constant gnawing ache in the same position or does it really seem to be costo or the worst gas ever! I've never heard of gas lasting 18 hours. I don't think it was bad popcorn. I didn't have to throw up but felt so yucky that I made myself. I'll never do that ever ever again!