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Re: Sore Thoat 5 Months Suffering....

Well ,you have obviously been through enough exams to know that it is nothing serious,just absolutely annoying and uncomfortable.I have been suffering with lpr for one and half yrs now.Constant sore throat for one and half months now ,on right side as well.More when swallowing.Ent scoped me and says its from either the lpr or post nasal drip.Sooooo frustrating.It has affected my life as well.Getting cranky and depressed.How long have you been on meds?My first flare up ,it took me four months on aciphex 2x daily and prilosec at night for any signs of relief.Felt better and stopped meds.It came back very strong.Dr. says it will take four weeks to a few months to feel better again.Ypu are not alone.It stinks.Be patient with meds.