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Re: 20 years Hypothyroid, never seen an Endocrinologist

Some Endo's don't seem worth the effort, but if your doctor isn't able to help you out then perhaps an Endo is worth a try.

Has your doctor ever tested your adrenals to see whether you have too little or too much cortisol? No matter what thyroid meds you are taking, if you adrenals are not functioning correctly, your thyroid conditions isn't likely to get better or you wont get the full benefit of the med's you are on.

Maybe explain your symptoms and your tiredness and sleep disturbances to your doctor and see if could order a cortisol test and take it from there. Cortisol tests are best taken early in the morning on an empty stomach and no meds till after the test.

I don't have Celiacs, but my blood test came back showing me to be a little over the maximum lab range. I do know tests can come back with a false negative/positive, but my doctor has told me to ease off the gluten. It's hard!!

Has your doctor checked other things eg: ferretin level and vitamin D. A lot of us on this board are low in those 2 in particular and find it difficult to raise. I also have difficulty in retaining iodine.