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Question Re: Does anyone have "atypical" angina?

Originally Posted by Bill 1950 View Post
You may be having variant angina or "at rest angina" caused by coronary artery spasms. This seems to be hard to diagnose because coronary spasms can't be summoned up at will, and usually don't occur during exercise. Look on the web for Prinzmetal's angina.

Hello, I am new to this forum and have been reading through the posts. You are asking if anyone has "atypical" angina. Well, I have a confusing thing going on for which I would love some input. I am a 58yr old female, alone and working full time. Some months ago I felt unwell after carrying heavy shopping, slight pain (as if pulling a guitar string,) to left above breast. This lasted for over an hour. I would get this sort of pain sometimes, at rest or after exertion. About three weeks ago, I did some gardening and the same thing happened but the pain was worse and lasted longer. I was also getting breathless. I went to my doc and was sent for a stress test (my cholesterol is high despite an almost vegetarian/and good diet) The stress test showed a bit of strain towards the end and so I was told to come in for an angiogram which I did last week. After the stress test the pain became worse (more like burning) and started more from the middle of my chest totally into my left arm to little finger, also left shoulder, this pain could last for an hour or longer, it also came on in the night or at any unpredictable time while resting. The bedrest at hospital improved the pain very much, and I've been put on beta blockers, cholesterol tabs and aspirine for three weeks now. Today I have only the slightest of pain for a matter of minutes.
What was I told by the cardio? My arteries are totally clear and healthy. He did say that they are very twisted. My blood pressure is perfect by the way. He gave no conclusive reason for my pain episodes, thinks it might be caused by stress, (I am a very happy person and apart from leading a busy life I travel a lot, everyone has some stress, so find that confusing) My mum got angina pectoris when she was in late forties.

I am happy to have found this forum, I felt very much alone with this problem, as if my body has let me down, very bad at having to take medicine etc..... I realise that I'll have to help myself by educating about these spasms..... can anyone put me on the right track.
Thank you so very much.