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Re: if it's not the thyroid then what it is?

Originally Posted by tanyarevell View Post
if it's not the thyroid then what it is?
I've had ALL the blood work, 2 ultrasound and biopsies done. I've been told my thyroid is very low to normal.Am I crazy? What ia wrong with me? I Do NOT sleep, always cold, joints ache, I feel like I am going through puberty again, periods are weird, I am very emotional (I
Low to normal sounds Hypo to me!

Do you have a copy of the tests you've had done? If so post them here with the ranges (which should be next to them, probably in brackets). Many (sorry, most) of us here have been told we're 'normal' and its only when we start digging deeper and take control over our own health that we find that that isnt the case at all.
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