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Re: Ischial Bursitis/Weavers Bottom

Originally Posted by goshknows View Post
I've got Ischial Bursitis. I've been dealing with this discomfort since Nov. of 2007. I've been seeing an ortheopedic surgeon for 5 months. After several PT sessions, and 3 injections into the infected bursa, I'm still suffering from butt pain when sitting and driving. The only relief I get is when I'm lying flat on my back. My doctor is now giving up on me and is ready to send me to Pain Management. I want my issue corrected, and not hidden with pain medicines. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? I'm getting ready to try my luck with a Neurologist for a second opinion. I've been miserable now for all most a year. It's really starting to do a number on me emotionally. I'm normally a very active person, but because of this pain I can't do anything that I use to do. I ride motorcycles, and I love to kayak. I also enjoyed riding my bicycle. Well I can't do any of these things any more because of my butt pain. This pain is on the right side, lower buttocks area, it's my sit bone, not my tale bone.

Has anyone out there every had "Ischial Bursitis"??
Hi...I can sure relate to your butt-bone problem. I can't sit & do all the things I used to do either. My doc said I had Ishial Bursitis too....he said he was sure of it. Well I've had 3 injections over the past 2 years, and they did not help a bit. I went to a arthritis specialist, and she said my tailbone was flexing and pulling on my butt-bone muscle. I told her my tailbone did not hurt...that it was my sitting bone...but she stuck to her diagnosis. I really do not think that is the problem. It started when I had a bad hamstring sprain 2 years ago, and have to be careful with them...I'm 62 yrs. old...but it's my butt-bone that never gets any better. I've been to chriropractors, and I have been seeing a physical therapist for a long time . She helps me with my hamstrings, but doesn't know why my buttbone doesn't get better. I get so depressed over this sometimes...but I just don't know what to do. If you can find some relief or help for this, will you please let me know? Thank-you

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