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Re: Ischial Bursitis/Weavers Bottom

Hi...I can sure relate to your butt-bone problem. I can't sit & do all the things I used to do either. My doc said I had Ishial Bursitis too....he said he was sure of it. Well I've had 3 injections over the past 2 years, and they did not help a bit. I went to a arthritis specialist, and she said my tailbone was flexing and pulling on my butt-bone muscle. I told her my tailbone did not hurt...that it was my sitting bone...but she stuck to her diagnosis. I really do not think that is the problem. It started when I had a bad hamstring sprain 2 years ago, and have to be careful with them...I'm 62 yrs. old...but it's my butt-bone that never gets any better. I've been to chriropractors, and I have been seeing a physical therapist for a long time . She helps me with my hamstrings, but doesn't know why my buttbone doesn't get better. I get so depressed over this sometimes...but I just don't know what to do. If you can find some relief or help for this, will you please let me know? Thank-you