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Re: Decyphering Ultrasound report

Your ultrasound is almost exactly like mine. The increased flow means more blood flow to the thyroid I believe and that usually means thyroiditis.

I went to endo today and asked what this means and what type it is and she said its most likely silent thyroiditis. She said my miscarriage was last november so she doubts its post partum thyroiditis. My Thyroid peroxase antibodies were only 0.5 so I think she said that meant no hashimotos antibodies but she originally told me it was hashimotos at the beginning of the appointment today . I wonder if she really knows???? We ran my tsh free t3 and t4 again today in addition to a tsi to see if they have changed and I have started to get graves possibly. She said if my labs have not changed or are mor hyper then she will put me on ptu 50mg twice a day so I will not go too hypo. I am having all the hyper symptoms thats why we did the scan. Do you have any symptoms and have you had any labs?

My Thyroid ultrasound said this 8/7/08
there is enlargement of the gland right is 4.2 x2.0 x1.5 left is 4.5 x 1.6x 1.6 cm
mild prominence of the isthmus 5mm in thickness. neg for discreet thyroid mass

impression- nonspecific enlargement of the thyroid gland with prominent blood flow suggestive of thyroiditis

my labs read 8/7/08

TSH 0.59 RANGE 0.60-3.30 --- This had dropped to .50 by 8/12
T4 FREE 1.19 RANGE 0.71-1.40
T3 TOTAL 1.2 RANGE 1.0-1.7