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Re: Rectal Fissure and Fistula HELP!!!!!!

Years ago I had developed a terrible problem after a very tarry and "Sticky" stool. It hurt immediately(extremely so_ from the start. The next day I developed powerful, projectile diahrea, I was having a movement every 1/2 hour or sp and then I developed what was eventually discovered a spastic colon which was sheer agony. I finally went to the VA er and they did xrays and started to say it was my gaul bladdder; Then the dr. gabe me the full "glove treatment" and found a fissure that was about 4" lonh! He cave me pain meds. keflex and an alanalesic cream)lidocain) After about 4 months the spasms finally quit and Ive only had an occasional relapse but mucl less painful.