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Advice please on beginnings of incontinence?

Hello Everyone,

I do not post often, but always read through the posts and find them all both helpful and comforting.

My MIL has Alzheimers. She was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and has been taking 5 mcg Aricept since diagnosis.

My MIL is still in denial and will not admit to any issues, eg, she no longer goes into the kitchen even to make a cup of tea (her husband is still living and makes drinks and breakfast and we take them a dinner daily). She says the only reason she doesn't make dinner/a drink is that the kitchen is too small.....always a reason for her not being able to manage simple tasks. We do not see the point in reminding her of her condition, so we just let her continue.

We have a couple of new issues arising, and whereas I would say she is currently about Stage 5, i am wondering if we are seeing her enter Stage 6. She does not know her address or her phone number for example (typical stage 5 i think?) and she no longer ever goes out alone. It is getting increasingly difficult to persuade her to leave her sheltered accommodation at all to be honest and she really struggles if you change her routine in any small way. She does not cope well with a planned outing for example...getting very worked up in the run up to the event.

We have had issues with getting her to wash/bathe for a while now but I am now concerned about incontinence. She realises there is an issue and has told me on occasion that she doesnt want to go out "in case I have an accident" (as in wetting herself). This has happened on a couple of occasions when she has been at home and hasn't got to the loo in time (even though it is a very small apartment). She has had a couple of water infections lately too (brought on I believe due to poor personal hygiene and also not drinking enough). The incontinence episodes have occurred when she has not had an infection. I was also called out to her at the weekend when she had had an "accident" and lost control of her bowels. She is aware that it is a problem, whih makes me think that maybe it isnt the Alzheimers? Or is that just wishful thinking?

We have thought for a while that she is going downhill now, and her memory test scores had slipped by 3 points last time we were at Memory Clinic. She just appears so much more confused, so much more often. She very often has a "confused" look in her eyes when we visit.

My FIL has many health issues, including stroke related dementia himself, but he always tries to cover for her. Having said that, just recently he is admitting to having problems with her too.

Any ideas for dealing with the incontinence issue?

Thank you.


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