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Re: Brother in a Downward Spiral, Don't Know What to Do...

Thank you for your replies/advice. I have spoken with the girls and let them know that we need to get together and make notes, and decide just how far we are all willing to go with this. I do understand how a true intervention works, but I guess I just needed to call it something and couldn't think of a word or words to describe what we felt we needed to do.

We are getting together in the next couple of days. I think we can come up with a pretty good plan. I have a sinking feeling, knowing my brother as well as I do, that he may not be receptive, and might actually leave the house in huff. But I don't think we can let that deter us.

I agree 100% that the girls need to make him see the pain and anguish he is causing them. He has always been such an attentive dad in the past, and his relationships with them have suffered already. This spiral has been coming for a while in my opinion, but even with what I have seen in recent months, meeting this new woman has put him into a tailspin really fast.

One question I have, is whether or not I should bring up our deceased parents. We had a really good childhood and were both always very close to our mom and our dad. I know that my parents would be so concerned and worried about him, if they were still here. I want to make him think about them but not put a major "guilt trip" on him. Do you think I should approach this or just let it be?? If I do bring them into it, just how far do I go?

Thank you all again. I really appreciate it. Any other info/advice would be welcome as well. God Bless, CMP/MM