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Re: Epilepsy and Pregnancy-- Help!

I've heard the safest med to be on while pregnant is Lamictal. They say Keppra is pretty safe, too, but they haven't collected enough data in the research of it yet to say for certain.
In regards to changing meds, I think they will probably start you on the new med before taking you off of the Depakote. That's what my doctor is doing. I had wanted to switch from Tegretol and Keppra to Lamictal for when I want to have kids someday. Plus, my meds weren't working as well as I wanted them to, and I'm on a really high dosage of them both. So I had a VEEG in July, and they saw how many seizures I was still having, and started me on Lamictal right in the hospital. I've been on it for a month and a half now, and have only had 2 tiny seizures that only lasted a few seconds, when before I was getting simple-partial seizures, sometimes multiple times a day, that would last at least a half hour. I have an appointment with my doctor in a couple of weeks to discuss weaning me off my other meds. I think since I'm already on the Lamictal, which is working well, the gradual subtracting of the other meds will be safer. I think this might be what they usually do when starting someone on a new med, just to make sure you're protected while the other meds are subtracted. I haven't been through the whole process, though, so I can't tell you my own experience any further than just the addition of the new med. But don't worry too much.
Good luck!