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Re: Epilepsy and Pregnancy-- Help!

Hi there, Im currently on this process myself, Im seizure free post-surgery 16 months now. I already spoke to my neuro, but Im on Keppra and trileptal (a few yrs now), and Keppra IS NOT a good med to get pregnant on, it can cause brain and spinal disformalities on the fetus on the first weeks. This is why the neuro started me on Folic acid everyday first for a year, and although he first said I coud get pregnant now, the GYN advices to tamper off these strong meds first and clean the blood stream and not risk it. If your still having seizures and need meds, Tegretol is one used while on pregnancy, my friend (also a nurse) used it to have 4 healthy kids... That will depend on your neuro. Im hopeing to get pregnant latest next summer, so any other info by my neuro, Ill post it . Also keep me posted on your neuro's opinion, but go first and buy Folic Acid (400mcg) and take 1 a day to stregthen your uterous and cardiovascular, all women on AEMds should take this, is over the counter. Good luck

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