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Re: Epilepsy and Pregnancy-- Help!

Thank you both for your advice. I actually have been taking Folic Acid every day with my medicine since I started on it way bay in 2002. The only time I stopped taking it was for the 9 months that a doctor assumed he had "cured" me of my seizures (that's right.. he said "cured"), and took me off of my medicine to prove I was alright. It took 9 months (my senior year of high school), but then I had a seizure in June, so they put me back on the Depakote and I've been on it ever since June of 2004. I haven't had any seizures since then, and am completely controlled on my meds.

I have a whole list of questions I want to ask my neuro tomorrow, but from what I gather, Lamictal is the best drug for me to be on? What about Topomax? I've had migraines before and read that this drug can work for both epilepsy and migraines; maybe I can knock out two birds with one stone

Thanks for your advice though! I'll post what my neuro says after my appt tomorrow.