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HELP - thyroid test results???

I've been lurking on this website for 2 years, first to figure out that my gallbladder needed removed - thanks for all the info. Then to check out IBS advice. Now I need some advice on my recently tested thyroid levels. I have lots of family history of thyroid and have basically felt like 'crap' for the past 2 years. Everything happened at once starting 2 years ago - gallbladder, LPR reflux, weird periods, shingles - just to name a few. I have always thought I had thyroid issues, but couldn't get my D.O. to order anything more than a TSH test. Finally went to my ENT about my 'crackling' ears (I know it sounds weird:-), and he suggested testing my T3 and T4 levels. Boy, was I thrilled to hear that I was finally getting someone to take me seriously!! I got the results back today and (of, course) they said that I was 'normal'. My results were as follows:

TSH - 2.53 (range .34-5.60)
T4 - .77 (range .61-1.12)
T3 - 105 (range 80-200)

I don't understand about the ranges. Could someone explain it to me? I have so many hypo symptoms, many I have lived with for so long, that I don't even realize they're not normal. Is there something else that could cause this? My gyno. told me last year that I was just getting old. I'm 34 and had actually accepted that fact for the past two years. But now I'm really getting sick and tired of feeling this way!! I really need to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

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