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Re: HELP - thyroid test results???

I feel your pain.
I went 3 years feeling like crap before I was diagnosed with Hashimotos hypothyroidsim. Unfortunaly i still feel like crap and the meds dont seem to help me.
Looking at your TSH number, I would say its to high. You should be around 1.
Your T4 looks a little low to. You could be in the (borderline catagatory) of hypothyroidims, but to me I would say that you are and the doc is wrong.
before I was finaly diagoned I kept going into the doc. TSH was 3 then 4. then they considered me borderline but didnt even tell me. i kept having aweful symptoms and kept going back. They did another TSH test and it was 5.13. Finally they said I was Hypothyroid and I could get medicine.
I sure get the run around alot.
I would keep being persistant with your doctor about this.
good luck.