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Re: Going to quit smoking need some help.

How I quit was quite suddenly. I was out of a pack and kept on procrastinating because I really wanted to see how long I could go without it. Truth is I wanted to quit but I never gave it that title. Instead I told myself it was 'a break' so I don't disappoint myself. I tried occupying myself with other things and away from looking at the clock. Around the end of the first week I started to do rigorous exercises whenever the cravings hit even if it meant exercising from the minute I got up to the minute I went to bed. I would start with yoga then stretch then cardio then strength train then stretch then back to yoga again. Sometimes I would run twice or 3 times a day. Now whenever I think about smoking I get an unpleasant heaviness in my chest associated with the feeling I got from excessive exercising.

Everyone's method is different so try analyzing yourself and your personality type. I'm more out of sight out of mind. When I stopped getting cravings I started to drink coffee just to test myself but stayed away from other smokers for the longest time. Around 2 months ago my friend was smoking a cigarette next to me and I was tempted to ask for "just one, PROMISE!" but instead got up and walked away. 2weeks ago I was at an airport waiting for my ride when this man was smoking a cigarette next to me and the smoke was coming my way. I literally felt like throwing up. I didn't realize my reaction until now. It's mind over matter. Learn to tell your mind to be quiet. Good luck.

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