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Re: HELP - thyroid test results???

Thanks so much for your replies. It made me smile as I read them, just to know that I'm not crazy!!! I actually called another M.D. (not my normal D.O.) in my town and asked the nurse (a friend of mine) about my numbers. She told me the exact same thing about the ranges being lowered, and said that anyone with TSH over 2 who had symptoms should be treated. You have no idea the relief I felt!!! So I am going to switch docs and have made an appointment with the new one for next week. What really ticks me off is that my D.O. originally tested my thyroid over 2 years ago, when this all began and kept saying I was 'normal' although I know my TSH was over 2 at the time. He also tested me again this past June and said my TSH of 2.4 was 'normal'. My biggest issue is diarrhea and he repeatedly told me not to take Immodium - I was asking him how I was supposed to go to work and take care of my 3 kids (ages 12, 10 and 7). I'm soooo furious that I wasn't more demanding back then. I feel like I've pretty much wasted the last 2 years of my life feeling miserable. I'm so happy to have found a doctor that will actually take me seriously and not just look at me like I'm nuts. What kind of symptoms does everyone else have. Here's my rundown:

May of 2006 - started with weird diarrhea issues, always worse closer to my period, but very much 'running my life'
July 06 - had my gallbladder removed, this helped with the diarrhea initially, but I wasn't eating much at the time
August 06 - went on Nexium for reflux
Spring of 2007 - got the shingles - FUN!!!
April of 2008 - went off Nexium (stupid idea!), one month later the diarrhea issues returned with a vengence
June of 2008 - got back on my Nexium (2X per day) - still the issues continue

-tired alot, not much energy
-can't seem to get a deep breath (this has been attributed to LPR reflux??)
-leg cramps
-horrible periods
-hair loss (20-30 strands every morning - normal?)
-very dry skin on my feet
-occasional night sweats
-hot flashes, usually in the morning
-diarrhea, usually in the morning - sometimes about 20 minutes after I eat certain foods
-general stomach discomfort, gas, HUGE bloating
-weird pimples come and go on my thighs, never had these before???
-weight gain of 10 pounds (I haven't watched what I was eating very well though)

I don't know if these could all be related to thyroid, or just me getting older (I'm 34).

Thanks for your help - I'll let you know how my visit goes.
You are all wonderful!!!!!!!