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Broken Condom/ EC 48 Hours later- When do I get my period?

My boyfriend and I were having sex last Tuesday so 10 days ago and the condom broke. I wasn't on birth control because I had to be off it for surgery and was late getting started back on. We didn't know about the condom until we were done and I went to get the morning after pill but it was way expensive so I had to wait two full days before my parents could get money to me. Took the second morning after pill exactly seven days ago.

It said I should get my period within a week and I normally get it the first of every month. Still haven't had it yet but I had some cramping like I was going to get it a few days ago which has gone away now and very bad naseua this morning which I can't assume would be related to pregnancy since its been only ten days.

I took a home test which came back negative but not really sure if its too soon to trust that. I tried calling Planned Parenthood in El Cajon where I'm working but couldn't get anyone who spoke english well and it was very frustrating! Any help would be appreciated as to when I can expect my period or what I should be doing. Thanks!

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