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Post-op, Day 1 TT. . . . . . .ouch

Well, had the TT yesterday. Surgery was around 11:30...done by 1:30. Stayed in hosp until about 6:30-7:00. Then we drove home...2 hrs. It wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. My ovarian cyst surgery and the DNC I had hurt alot more than this did. Last night, throat VERY sore. They had to use a larger breathing tube than ususal. The surgeon wanted to use one that has some kind of wires or something in it to be sure of not damaging my vocal chords--(Which I appreciated him doing, although the throat is very sore). My neck hurts of course too.

One thing that really bothers is sleeping. I can't get comfortable. Can't lay on my side--hurts the incision.....can't lay on my back (sleep apnea I guess-stop breathing and wake up all night) so, looks like I'm in the recliner tonight!

I've eaten LOTS of jello. It can slide down withour any effort. Swallowing is painful. Even scrambled eggs this a.m. got stuck in my throat. Keeping hard candies of hand to suck on alot. That seems to help. I've drank so much water (to help food go down) that I have to pee constantly! Very tired, yes, but that's because of the pain meds.

I was prescribed Levothyroxine 125mg to take daily, and Caltrate 600 for a few days. I don't have to be on the calcium forever though. He told me to take levo on an empty stomach and NOT to take the Caltrate until 4hrs or so after. I guess it could mess with the absorbtion of the other.

So, all is well as it can be I guess. I won't find out biopsy results until Thursday when the surgeon will call me. I have an appt back with him in 6 wks to check levels (from what I'm told--I was pretty out of it yesterday). Any information any of you have or experiences with Levothyroxine would be appreciated. Thank you. And I'm sure I'll post more soon.
Thanks :-)


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