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Re: Post-op, Day 1 TT. . . . . . .ouch

Hi, welcome back from surgery, I had mine tuesday, check my post that I just wrote.
You were very lucky that they released you the same day!!! I was stuck in the hospital for 2 days (my calcium levels dropped) and it was the worst for me, very depressing seeing everybody else going home but me. I agree with you, the sleeping thing is awful, I'm still sleeping with a couple of pillows because I was so happy when they told me to go home that forgot to ask if I could lay flat on the bed already, I called the surgeon office and they were supposed to call me back to let me know but my phone was busy with family and friends calling me to find out how I was that if they try to call I guess they didn't get through, so for now I'm keeping the pillows!
I am taking levoxyl since may and is great for me, I was having a condition called tellogen efluvium (massive hair fall) due to my hypothyroid condition, one month or so after I started the levoxyl stopped, so I have to say that levoxyl is the best for me, now they put me in 125 mcg, I started off with 25, then 50, then 88 and now with no thyroid gland they increased to 125, I just started yesterday, I was off my levoxyl for the few days in the hospital up until my pathology report came back benign on thursday as soon as I was released. Let me know how you doing, how you manage to sleep and we can keep consoling each other in this recovery time!!!