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Smile Re: Post-op, Day 1 TT. . . . . . .ouch

Glad to hear you are doing well after your surgery! I can't believe you went home on the same day of your surgery. I'm sure you were out of it yesterday. I was so sleepy and droggy after my surgery I can't imagine making the trip home...good for you though that you did not have to stay in the hospital, that can be a drag.

Sleeping was difficult for me too after surgery. I could not find any comfortable positions in bed or on the couch. The recliner was my friend for quite awhile after surgery. I was always amazed at how I could get such good rest sleeping in a chair. I don't know if it would work the same now or not!! Just so you know you will eventually be able to sleep in bed!!

I am on levothyroxine. I have not had any trouble with it. I have had my dose adjusted once since surgery. I am on 75 mcg...but I did have a PT not a TT. I have blood drawn again in a couple of weeks so I will know if I need another adjustment or not. I am still losing hair but am remaining hopeful that it will stop soon!

Take care...get lots of rest..don't over do...and turn your head lots through out the day so you don't get stiff.